Pricing Information

Au Cornerstone uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture all of our product here in the United States of America.

Why do jewelry items have no price?. One of the main reasons we do not list prices and offer shopping cart purchases of our Jewelry items is due to the volatile nature and fluctuations in the gold market pricing. The sometimes rapid and potentially large swings in price from day to day make the price of a high quality, hand made piece of jewelry tough to predict. As such, we would likely need to be modifying our price structure and advertised prices on a weekly basis to accurately reflect a current and fair market value for the listed products.

The Bells and Zipper Pulls are expensive? This is simply due to the nature of high quality, hand crafted items made right here in the U.S.A. These products are manufactured from bell brass, welded (where applicable) and finished by hand and then chrome plated. There are no made in China, mass produced pot-metal pieces here. These items were built to be beautiful, durable and long lasting.