About Us

Au Cornerstone is a family owned small business. We do the work we do because we are passionate about the creative process behind producing jewelry. We believe that jewelry is at the same time an art and a science.

We produce three categories of products at our shop: manufactured pieces, repair work and our high end decorative artwork including motorcycle art.

Our manufactured line includes all patterns manufactured from our mold stock. All manufactured goods, from our lower valued silver line to high end quartz pieces are held to the same high quality standards of workmanship.

Our repair and custom order shop is held to higher standards than most of our competitors, and above that of most product warrants. All custom orders are treated with the same precision as the manufactured items we produce.

Our custom line of decorative pieces -most notably motorcycle art- is given the same attention to detail as our jewelry pieces.

Because we hand manufacture our products, our prices are naturally higher than overseas products of lesser quality. However within the high end jewelry market our prices are very competitive, and we have taken care to reduce our costs as much as possible so we can pass those savings onto our customers.